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    Eco-friendly Laundry Color Absorption Sheet (62 sheets)

    Eco-friendly Laundry Color Absorption Sheet (62 sheets)

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    This is eco-friendly formula for super Nano laundry detergent sheets.  1 box equal to 62 sheets.


    Product Name - 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Sheets (anti-static, detergent and softener)

    1 box - 62 Sheets

    Features: Eco-friendly, super condensed and keeping colors

    The product is adopted concentration technology, upgrading liquid to solid. The main ingredient is plant enzyme, that is mean it is safe ingredients, no phosphorus, no fluorescence, no whitening agent, no damage to clothing fiber, is a scientific and technological product.

    It has multiple active enzyme, and powerful decontamination.


    1. Top loading washer: Start washer, add laundry sheet away from water stream, then add clothes.

    2. Front loading washer: Add laundry sheet, then add clothes. Start washer.

    3. Hand wash: Place the sheet directly with the laundry and follow your normal wash cycle.

    4. For strong stains, place the sheet on stain, leave it for few minutes and then, put it in the laundry machine.


    1. The laundry is low foam and easy to wash, dissolve faster when in the water, please do not put it near to the wet place.

    2. Soak for 20 minutes will be good before washing.


    1 sheet can use for 2-3 Kg clothes

    2 sheets can use for 3-6 Kg clothes

    3 sheets and more can use for 7 -10 Kg clothes

    If less clothes, can tear the laundry sheet

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