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    About Us

    Founded in April 2020, ANAMIDA was inspired while the whole world is getting lock-down and facing the difficulties in doing offline business due to pandemic COVID-19. We move from offline to online business while everybody has been an awareness of online purchases.

    Who are we and where are we from?

    We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs that actively operated this online business from Selangor, Malaysia. Yes, now we are doing this business 100% online.

    ANAMIDA is dedicated to modern, elegant and stylish women.

    We are selling various fashions of quality handbags at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. Our lovely customer may choose their favorite handbags with a wide range of price options.

    Apart from handbags, ANAMIDA is selling long dresses too. It consistently made from high-quality materials. 

    Now, we are moving one step further by selling the original Korean skincare, cosmetics, the exclusives PhD T-shirts and home essential item.

    Ways to place an order:-

    If you have something to asked us, please don't hesitate to contact us by click here.