• Eco Friendly Ceramic Beads Washing Ball

    Eco Friendly Ceramic Beads Washing Ball

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    Eco Friendly Washing Ball will change the way we wash clothes, which could clean our clothes naturally, saving us money and enhancing the longevity of clothes. Our laundry ball is a fresh technology that will last up 1500 loads of laundry. Using the powered ceramic balls from earth, which could provide an all-natural way to do the wash without any harm chemicals or detergent. Our laundry ball contains one more type ceramic balls, will be more effective than other balls on the market. Both FDA and NSF International certified, it is gentle on our skin and our baby's skin.

    It is the times to go green in laundry room now!


    1. The ceramic beads which collects odors, dirty and waste from your laundry is from earth, all natural.

    2. Nothing else needed when they work, simply put in the sun for an afternoon to refresh them.

    3. Activated molecules (clusters) are released during launder.

    4. Cleans clothes without bleach, soap or detergent in cold water.

    5. Cleaner and brighter fabric/clothes, eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms.

    6. Prevent skin allergy and irritation, cleaning, bleaching, and sterilizing.

    7. Killing bad germs and saving good germs, softener effect and static electricity prevention.

    8. Washing balls can be left in washing machine ready for next use.

    9. Washing Balls is home essential, mother's good helper.

    10. Cheaper than detergents and bleach.

    11. Compatible with any washing machine 

    12. Wash all kinds of clothes

    How it Works?

    The pH level of the laundry water will impact the washing greatly. The overly acidic or alkaline can damage the fabric, cause a color fading as well. Our laundry ball could increase the pH level of water to 6.5-9, as well as the most detergent on the market. Our laundry ball contains dozens of natural ceramic balls, which works together to increase the pH level of the water when they move around in your laundry machine during a cycle. The ceramic balls also can help reduce negative irons in water, which adhere to dirty to keep the clothes cleaner and fresher during the wash.

    Made from pure natural mineral, TPE, Allergen-free. Available For 1500 washings 

    Size: 10cm x 9cm 

    Color: Light Blue

    For better efficiency; 

    1. Place washing ball in the sun for a few hours every month to regenerate ceramic micro beads. 

    2. Pre-treat clothes with a stain remover when necessary. 

    3. It is recommended to wash white and color clothes separately. 

    4. Use 2 to 3 balls for the more than 5kg Front load washing machine.

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